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Youth Alliance

Be part of a movement that empowers youth like you to make a real impact in the lives of children across Georgia. It’s your time to shine, inspire change, and be the voice of the future with the Interfaith Children's Movement!

Click below to learn more about each aspect of our Youth Alliance!

Interfaith Children's Movement

Having faith doesn't mean that you'll get what 
                                                  you want everyday.
                                                     It means that God
                                                         hears you and
                                                           God is with you.
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Omar M.

Alexa Young, CA

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Opportunties Throughout the Year

Youth Advocacy Internship (YAI)

Discover your passion for making a difference while gaining valuable skills in advocacy, communication, and leadership. Work with experts, meet like-minded peers and create real change in your community. Let your voice be heard and make a positive impact! Unleash your potential and be a voice for the future!

Rise & Vibe

Dive into our monthly youth group where fun meets purpose, friendships grow, and the powerful connections between faith and justice are explored. It's a space to share your ideas, ignite your passion for change, and join a community of like-minded peers committed to making a difference.

Posts for Peace

This is your chance to visually express the needs, hopes, and dreams for a better future where all children thrive. Try your hand at Advocacy through Arts, where youth creativity meets social action to create powerful Posts for Peace, displayed across Georgia.

Seeds of Compassion

Embark on a transformative journey with our 2-day Seeds of Compassion event, where you'll explore and embrace the rich, interfaith perspectives on peace and justice from Jainism, Buddhism, and Catholicism/Christianity. It's a unique opportunity to sow the seeds of compassion and understanding in a diverse, inclusive setting.

ICM Day at the Capitol

Step into the heart of Georgia's democracy with our Annual Advocacy Day at the Capitol, a pivotal day where youth like you have the unique opportunity to speak directly with members of Georgia's General Assembly. It's our chance to be heard and influence change for ALL children, youth, and families in our state and ensure a brighter future.

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