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ICM Interfaith Youth Alliance

ICM Interfaith Youth Alliance (ICMIYA) extends the mission of the Interfaith Children’s Movement to improve the well-being of all children in Georgia by providing a nurturing space for youth (ages 11-21) to address the challenging issues of their generations and derive transformative solutions through activities that promote leadership development and individual and group empowerment.

Bi-monthly youth-led conversation sessions that engage youth from various faith traditions and backgrounds; diverse socio-economic statuses; and justice-involved/child welfare experiences.  Conversations highlight one or more of ICM’s Faith in Action work areas: Child Poverty, Juvenile Justice, Education, Children of Immigrant Families, Parental Nurture, Child Care/Child Protection, Health Care, Child Advocacy (Public Policy). 

Posts for Peace and Justice is an artistic vehicle that engages youth in conversation and explores their interpretations of the needs of children and youth.  It provides for a physical and artistic manifestation of beautifully painted posts to represent their thoughts and ideas; researched facts; and favorite quotes and images.

ICMIYA Interfaith Summit is the culminating activity for the year, featuring youth-led interfaith panel discussions, thought leaders, artistic expression and a celebration of the youth’s accomplishments for the year.