Call Him What He Is: A Predator

Join In To Shut off Demand

ICM and its multi-faith partners are spreading the word about a provocative billboard campaign just launched by the International Human Trafficking Institute.

“The goal of ‘Truth in Trafficking’ is to eradicate the demand for selling and buying children for sexual and labor exploitation,” says Deborah Richardson, Executive Director of IHTI.

We say it’s time to Call them what they are: Predators. Society has called them “buyers” or “johns.” But those who pay money to rape children are doing irreparable physical and mental harm to these children. They are Predators.

Atlanta ranks among the top two metros with the highest reported child sex trafficking incidents.

The digital billboard ads will be on display in 23 locations across Metro Atlanta from Cumming down to South Fulton, West Cobb to Gwinnett, crossing Major Interstates 1-85, 1-285 and 1-20, with total weekly impressions estimated at approximately 9 million. MARTA will also display the ads on buses and trains. The campaign will run through June 16th.