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Faith Communities

We are building multi-faith coalitions across Georgia. Join us in our efforts to bring together 25-50+ in each county.

Our focus for 2024-2026 includes mobilizing efforts in 14 counties:

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Join the Movement

There are six key ways to get involved in the movement as individuals, families, faith communities, neighborhoods, schools, organizations, and agencies.

Click here to learn more about our volunteer opportunities.


Volunteer for short-term, long-term, event-based, or workshop opportunities with the movement.

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Share your skills, talents, and abilities. There is both room for and need of your gifts and expertise.

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Contribute monthly, quarterly, or annually to further our mission and grow the movement throughout Georgia.

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Connect us with friends, family, neighbors, and other organizations or agencies who might make great coalition partners.

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Share your faith perspective, prayers, sacred texts, and traditions to build understanding and create community.

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Host a workshop, interfaith or advocacy event, or provide space for our Youth Alliance, staff, board, or committee meetings.

Let's Meet!

ICM Lunch & Learn

Join us during your lunch break! Each month, ICM offers 2-4 virtual and in-person opportunities to meet our staff, view our new office, and learn about how the movement has grown and how you can get involved.

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Let's Connect With Your Faith Community


On-Site Visit
(table and talk)

We love to visit faith communities and organizations. Invite us to one of your weekly gatherings or classes. We are happy to table and hold an information sesion for members of your congregation or group.


Table at Your Next Event

Are you having a special event? We'd love to attend and table to share information about the needs of children, the work of ICM, and how you can get involved to make an impact in the lives of children and families in our state.


In-Person Listen & Learn

From weekly sacred text group studies, small groups, organizational meetings, or a stand-alone offering, we are eager to spread the word about child well-being in our state virtually, in-person, or through hybrid engagement. 


Virtual Workshops and Learning Sessions

ICM has a robust offering of advocate-development workshops geared toward children, youth, college students, professionals, and adults. Choose from one of our workshop series and invite us to facilitate a workshop.


Pathway to Partnership

Partnership is a way to build a meaningful transforming relationship between your organization and ICM. Let's work together to create a Georgia where all children thrive!

  • Identify a liaison within your organization to work with ICM staff.

  • Learn about the issues affecting children and families in Georgia.

  • Work together within your organization and the wider community to advocate for the needs of children and families.

Current Partners

We have formalized partnerships with faith communities and organizations dedicated to child well-being.

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