There’s a Place for You on the “A” Team


ICM is in a time of active growth. The “A” Team is a new group of Action Volunteers who are adding energy and leadership as we make the leap into an expanding and impactful future.   

The first fifteen “A” Teamers attended a “Getting Ready for Action” orientation Saturday, September 7 at the ICM office. Because of the "A" Team, ICM will make a measurable difference for Georgia's children. After all, this is what our faith traditions and our common humanity call us to do. 

Chat with us about getting involved (see Collaboration Opportunity below), Contact Joy Borra, and 678-522-8156.

Collaboration Opportunity

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." – Henry Ford

Share your gifts. Collaborate with ICM on one of the opportunities below.

  • 19th Prayer Breakfast is Wednesday October 23 

  • Growing Our Movement: Growing it Deep; Growing it Wide

  • The ICM Youth Alliance: “Using Our Voices for Good” 

  • The Stewardship Campaign: Keeping our donors and members connected

  • Child Advocacy Task Force. Advocacy is ICM’s first priority

  • Trauma Awareness Training 

  • Raising our voices for Immigrant children 

  • “Creating a Culture of Intolerance of Sex Trafficking”  

  • “Let My People Go! An End to Mass Incarceration.” 

  • School Suspension Policies (The School-Prison Pipeline) 

  • Support for Children in foster care

  • The 2020 Census; much is riding on it