Raise Your Voice


Raise Your Voice

Send a letter to First Lady, Marty Kemp.

In the 2016 elections, 82% of Georgians voted “YES,” on a constitutional amendment that creates the Safe Harbor Fund for Sexually Exploited Children.

As of July 2019, almost three years later, the Safe Harbor Fund has not been established. Money is not flowing to rehabilitative and social services for children who have been brought and sold for sexual exploitation.

If you are surprised, ICM invites you to sign a letter to Georgia’s First Lady, Marty Kemp, which poses the question, “why?”

Mrs. Kemp recently established the GRACE Commission (Georgians for Refuge, Action, Compassion, and Education) to combat human trafficking in Georgia. The goal of this Letter Campaign is to make GRACE Commission members aware that voters are growing restless.

Join the Interfaith Children’s Movement (ICM), the International Human Trafficking Institute (IHTI) and the rest of the Metro Coalition to End Human Trafficking, as we ask “Why?” and “When?”

Your voice counts! Simply print the letter, add a personal note, sign, and then mail it. Next, share the e-mail with friends and faith community members. The more voices/letters, the bigger the impact. August 10 is the deadline. Thank you, friends!

Letter To The First Lady (PDF)