#IamMedicaidGA: Mental Health

Most faith traditions offer paths for their followers to achieve a “peaceful mind”— whether that is in the recognition of a higher power or in the reconciliation of one’s own sense of self. Peaceful minds make for stronger, healthier families and children.  Yet, as members of the interfaith community, we know that achieving a peaceful mind can be impacted by life’s changes and challenges, and sometimes, we need additional help to get us through our struggles. Mental health and substance use disorders can often go unseen and untreated because of stigma and shame. However, sacred texts recognize that medical help is essential to our whole well-being – body, mind and spirit.  And mental health struggles can be addressed with access to the right resources.

More than 14% of Georgians carried the burden of mental illness or addiction with them in 2014. Medicaid provides access to mental health services for our most vulnerable populations and is the largest payer for behavioral health services in the U.S. These services range from screening and treatment for children with ADHD or depression to post-partum mental health screenings for new moms and needed therapy for adults with developmental disabilities. With the rise in opioid abuse and addiction in Georgia, Medicaid provides a pathway to recovery and treatment for those with substance use disorders. We must unite together to take care of struggling community members by making sure that Georgians continue to have access to the mental health care that they need and the hope of achieving a peaceful mind.

You can help to ensure all Georgians have access to needed mental health services. Call Senator Isakson at 202-224-3643 and ask him to reject cuts to Medicaid and repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Visit protectourcarega.org  for more information and to take action!