Celebrate Moms by Helping Them Keep Their Medicaid

Interfaith Children’s Movement is a member of the Together Medicaid health care campaign to raise awareness within the greater faith community of the need to protect health care for Georgia’s children and vulnerable families.  While we understand that there is no perfect policy, we are concerned that the health care protections currently provided to Georgia’s children and families through Medicaid may be lost in the repeal and replacement process.

Therefore, we are promoting a Mother’s Day campaign to raise awareness of the phenomenal responsibility Georgia mothers carry as the primary caretakers of their children, their own aging mothers and the security of health care that Medicaid affords to them.  

This Mother’s Day, May 14, 2017, we are asking you to share the "Moms Need Medicaid Flyer" and graphics on our social media pages.  Also below we have listed additional “actions to take” that will draw attention to the needs of Georgia mothers.  It is an opportunity to honor our mothers by advocating on their behalf and letting them know that we are paying attention to their real needs.

What actions are we asking you to take?

  • re-distribute the electronic copy of the informational leaflet to members of your network, through your faith community listserve and/or to the leaders and members within your ministry/organization;
  • have a moment of prayer/meditation at your Mother’s Day service for health care for our children and families in Georgia;
  • Share at least one Medicaid Advocacy message with your network on Mother's Day, May 14th;
  • tag @SenatorIsakson and @sendavidpurdue when you re-Tweet ICM’s Mother’s Day Twitter message or any twitter message with the #IamMedicaidGA hashtag; and
  • follow Interfaith Children’s Movement on Facebook  or Twitter for more information.