A Movement needs volunteers. 

 ICM Committees make the Movement move! Our volunteers have key roles, are religiously diverse, and make the movement MOVE.  Give it a try.  We’ll contact you!   

  • Plan special events, like Hearts for Children Month in Feb., The ICM Prayer Breakfast  in October and the Children’s Sabbath.

  •  Grow the Movement:This big team helps cultivate our network of child activists.

  •  Fundraising.  Help with membership campaigns and special fundraising events

  •  Learn to be an advocate: then help us train others to talk to policy makers.

  •  Work with the ICM Youth Alliance on advocacy projects. A place for you and for youth (11- 21).

  •  Spread the word! Join the Communications Team creating written & social media information campaigns

  •  Work directly with children and youth. You have a passion…We’ll connect you and your faith community with the organizations doing the best work in your area.


  • Awareness is the key to creating a better tomorrow for our children. Click here to see our Events & Training opportunities.