I’m here to learn about current policies affecting children in Georgia.

Faith in Action Work Areas

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Child Advocacy (Public Policy)

What is Advocacy to Interfaith Children’s Movement?

At ICM, advocacy is about using your voice (verbal and written) to speak on behalf of Georgia's children and raise awareness of the issues and conditions Georgia's children face and to offer solutions that are good for children and families.

  • ICM Advocates work together to create communities of love and care where children are safe, healthy and whole.
  • ICM Advocates encourage our faith communities, child-serving agencies and businesses to enact internal practices that support positive outcomes for children. 
  • ICM Advocates encourage our elected officials to enact public policies that open windows and doors of opportunity across the state for each Georgia child to achieve his or her full potential.

Join ICM’s Child Advocacy Task Force (CATF) and commit to:

LEARN:  I will attend ICM meetings, trainings and events.

PRAY:  I will pray for / meditate or reflect upon children—children known and unknown to me.  I will pray for / seek their well-being in body, mind and spirit.  I will keep my heart responsive to the joys and sorrows of children—they can count on me to never be indifferent and uncaring.

ACT: I will engage opportunities to express advocacy at the services level and at the policy level.

The form takes you to our survey through Constant Contact.

Join ICM's Child Advocacy Task Force

- CATF provides the leadership for the whole grassroots movement to help us advocate effectively at the policy level for children.

- CATF builds awareness of the issues on our agenda, plans issue forums, invites special speakers, gathers and distributes information and organizes education events.

- CATF mobilizes members of faith communities to make calls, write letters and talk to legislators and neighbors.

- CATF encourages spiritual disciplines such as prayer and worship to spotlight injustice to children and families.

Join ICM's Child Advocacy Task Force today and help ensure the well-being of every child in Georgia!

Child Poverty

[Text to be filled in]

Child Care/Child Protection

click on the picture abovE to download information about this crucial vote.

click on the picture abovE to download information about this crucial vote.

Child Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking

Vote “Yes” Nov. 8th on SR 7 – Safe Harbor for Sexually-Exploited Children Fund


Child Welfare Reform

  • Senate Bill (SB) 138 – Social Services; provide for various reforms regarding the state's child welfare system - Click HERE to review the SB 138.
  • Child Welfare Reform Fact Sheet
  • Georgia Child Welfare Reform Council Final Report to the Governor (2016)
  • Governor’s Child Welfare Reform Council - Click HERE to visit webpage.


  • BB 135 Too Young to Suspend
    • Too Young to Suspend - Keeping Our Youngest Learners in School Fact Sheet - Click HERE to download the fact sheet.
  • Policy Recommendations for Georgia Department of Education and Georgia General Assembly
  • Opportunity School District – constitutional amendment on Nov. 8, 2016, ballot
    • Not the Answer
    • School Takeover by Any Other Name
  • Governor’s Education Reform Commission Policy Recommendations (12/2015) - Click HERE to download the report.
    • Governor Creates Teacher Advisory Committee to review Education Reform Commission’s policy recommendations (5/16/16) - Click HERE to read announcement.
    • No movement on Commission’s recommendations (1/13/16 - ajc.com) - Click HERE to read article.

Health Care

[Text to be filled in]

Immigration (Children of Immigrant Family Status

[Text to be filled in]

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice Reform

  • HB 242 – New Juvenile Code for Georgia (2013)
  • HB 242 – Fact Sheet (2013) (pdf)
  • HB 310 – Criminal/Juvenile Justice Reform Fact Sheet (2015) (pdf)
  • SB 367 – Criminal/Juvenile Justice Reform Fact Sheet (2016) (pdf)

Governor’s Criminal Justice Reform Council

  • 2015 Report  - Click HERE to download the report.
  • 2016 Report  - Click HERE to download the report.


  • Raise the Age
  • SB 440 Reform

End Mass Incarceration/Healing Communities Network

Parental Nurture

The Family Care Act

  • Family Care Act Fact Sheet - Click HERE to download the fact sheet.
  • HB 92 - Labor; allow employees to use sick leave for care of immediate family members - Click HERE to read more.
  • SB 242 - Labor and Industrial Relations; allow employees to use sick leave for the care of immediate family members - Click HERE to read more.
  • Georgia Job Family Collaborative - Click HERE to visit site.