People of faith are called by that faith

to speak for all children.

November 16, 2010


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Druid Hills United Methodist Church

1200 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta


You've heard about the state of Georgia's children, and you've asked yourself "What can I do?"  At this general meeting, ICM will launch "Growing the Movement" for children across Georgia.  Learn how you can become an active ICM Child Advocate/ICM Child Ambassador and make a positive difference in the lives of all children.


In addition, Denise Peacock of the United Methodist Children's Home will talk to us about children in foster care and how individuals and communities can become involved in the lives of children who are oftentimes forgotten.  Find out how you can be part of a support network that will help children in care become successful adults.


We look forward to seeing you Tuesday, November 16.  You can reach us at or at 770-498-2141.

Please participate in this effort to help Georgia's children


To Parents of Students in Georgia's K-12 public school system:

The Georgia Appleseed Center for Law & Justice is engaged in an evaluation of student discipline policies, practices and outcomes in Georgia's public schools.  A critical issue is whether our schools are effectively balancing the need for all students to have a safe and effective learning environment with the right of every individual student (even one who may have periodic disciplinary issues) to have a reasonable chance to earn a quality high school education. In June of this year, Georgia Appleseed issued "Effective Student Discipline:  Keeping Kids in Class," a preliminary report of its findings which can be found at  

As part of Phase II of this study effort, Georgia Appleseed is now collaborating with several school districts around Georgia to interview dozens of principals and teachers to hear their views on student discipline practices.  Georgia Appleseed also wants to obtain the views of parents and students on this important issue.  Therefore, Georgia Appleseed has worked in close cooperation with the Georgia PTA to create a survey designed to obtain your input.

The Interfaith Children's Movement has agreed to support Georgia Appleseed's effort to obtain the views of parents and students from around the state on this important issue.  If you are a parent or guardian of a child in grades K-12 in the Georgia public school system, please take a few minutes to respond to the on-line survey which can be reached by clicking on the link provided below.  If your child is in the 8th grade or higher, please have her/him also access and fill out the survey using the same link.  (Of course, if you receive the survey from multiple sources, you and your child(ren) should only respond one time.)

Please submit the survey as soon as possible but no later than November 17, 2010.

Thank you for participating in this important effort to evaluate Georgia's school discipline practices and assure that such practices are designed to result in the best educational outcomes for all of Georgia's kids.



One of the most important things faith communities can do for children is to pray for them.


Every child is a child of God and deserves justice and compassion. Every child deserves our prayers. 


ICM encourages every faith community to become a spiritual witness for children. Hold a worship service in your church, synagogue, mosque or temple and invite others to join in praying for the well-being of all children.

ICM Mission and Goals


The Interfaith Children's Movement was formed in 2001 as an intentional association of individuals and communities of faith from all religious traditions. 


The Interfaith Children's Movement strives to be a voice for all Georgia children, but especially the poor and marginalized whose voices are often unheard.  


ICM works closely with Georgia's policy-oriented child advocacy organizations, such as: 

  • Voices for Georgia's Children, 

  • The Barton Child Law and Policy Clinic at Emory University, 

  • Georgia Appleseed, 

  • JUSTGeorgia, 

  • Prevent Child Abuse Georgia and 

  • A Future.Not a Past. (child prostitution prevention).  

These organizations set the agenda for our advocacy work for children.  

ICM's faith community members provide a megaphone to the legislature about what needs to be done for children.




S. 714 (H.R. 5143)



H.R. 5575 


Pick up the phone or send an e-mail in support of these two pieces of legislation.  Time is of the essence.


Today, November 16, call the following two key Senators to ask them to prioritize and support Senate passage of the House-passed National Criminal Justice Commission Act, S. 714 (H.R. 5143).  This legislation will create a bipartisan commission to review our current criminal justice system, identify effective criminal justice policies and make recommendations for reform.

-  U.S. Senator Harry Reid

   202-224-5556 and

-  U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell  



On November 17, call on or e-mail your House Representative in the U.S. Congress to support passage of H.R. 5575.  


This legislation increases shelter and treatment services for victims of child sexual exploitation and trafficking.   It also provides for an increase in law enforcement resources to arrest perpetrators of child sexual exploitation and trafficking.



The founder of Living Water for Girls has been named one of ten Women of Worth by L'Oréal Paris for her extraordinary volunteer achievement and positive influence in the community--the only honoree in Georgia.  Living Water for Girls serves females ages 12 to 17 who are victims of child sexual exploitation and trafficking. 


Each charity will receive $5,000; the Woman of Worth receiving the most online votes will receive an additional $25,000.  You can vote for Lisa Williams between now and November 24 at  


Lisa Williams knows what it's like to be held at gunpoint, demeaned, violated and afraid for her life.  Now, Lisa is a tireless voice for the hundreds of thousands of children who are victimized for profit. 


A few minutes of your time will help so many of our girls!


JOIN ICM and the effort to improve the well-being of Georgia's children. Make a tax-deductible contribution today.



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