Tara says, “It’s a great time to join an ICM Working Group!”


Tara Hall

Executive Director

Will you help? Send a message to info@ICMGeorgia.org and we’ll contact you.

ICM Working Groups

With our new executive director at the helm, ICM will be picking up speed. Tara Hall will need volunteers like you to help move the ICM ship forward.

Here are some opportunities: 


  • Grow the Movement – “friend-raising, member-getting”

  • Member Support – “helping members find their place”

  • Grow the Money – “plan the campaigns that fund our budget”

  • Raise our Voices -  “the Advocacy Committee is very active!”    

  • The Prayer Breakfast – “start now & we’ll have a great event”

  • The Meeting Planners – “smaller events, and very important”

  • “Call them Predators” - “Combat people who buy kids for sex.”