CALL TO ACTION NOW! Please Contact Sens Isakson and Perdue about the Health Care Plan

CALL TO ACTION NOW!  Please send / call it in the following statement to Sens Isakson and Perdue.

Senator Johnny Isakson

DC: 202.224.3643

GA: 770.661.0999




Senator David Perdue 

DC: 202.224.3521

GA: 404.865.0087




"Dear Senator _____, 

Children under 18 make up about 63 percent of the Medicaid members in Georgia, so any sizable change to the structure or funding of Medicaid or PeachCare (Children’s Health Insurance Program) could impact more than half of the children in our state.

As an advocate for juvenile justice reform, Medicaid is the one thing we can count on for the children under the supervision of the Department of Juvenile Justice.  We know that they will receive the necessary health and behavioral health counseling they need, both when they are in the state's care, and when they return home to our communities. 

Community-based resources are critical to the well-being of this population of children -- in the community is where they need the most support.  And our community-based service providers can't provide this help without the support of Medicaid. We know that if we fail in our responsibility to provide our children and youth with the robust services they need through Medicaid, they will more than likely re-offend and wind up back in the juvenile justice system.  We don't have to place our children and our communities on that path.

Medicaid is a win-win for helps to make our children healthier, while at the same time, it makes our communities safer.

Please continue to pay attention to the needs of children as you consider the American Health Care Act. Thank you for your service and your work on behalf of the children in our state."