Bishop Wright's Challenge for 30 Days of Prayer

Bishop Robert C. Wright challenged attendees at ICM’s 16th “Call to Action Prayer Breakfast” to pray for children for 30 days.  His challenge calls upon everyone to enact a basic spiritual practice of all faiths: prayer.

   The challenge was to each individual in the room.  This is something everyone can do as an act of faith and compassion.  The challenge was also to faith communities to encourage their members to focus prayerfully on the realities of children for 30 days.

   We know the saying “prayer changes things.”  We come to know the truth of this saying through praying.  Prayer changes us.  And as we are changed, we are more empowered to care for children.

   Expressing to God our hearts’ concerns, hopes, laments, joys, and desires for guidance in advocacy for children is not only a challenge, it is a privilege.  Is there any reason to not pray for children for 30 days?  A future of greater awareness and assurance awaits us.

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