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A Little Introduction

Welcome to the Interfaith's Children's Movement

The mission of the Interfaith Children's Movement (ICM) us to build a multi-faith grassroots advocacy coalition that works to create a Georgia where all children thrive.

Our Coalitions include:

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People of many Faiths

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Nonprofit Agencies & Organizations

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Elected and civic leaders

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Faith Communities

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Schools, Colleges & Universities

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Advocacy Focus

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  • Honoring play and rest

  • Health care

  • Socio-emotional and spiritual support

  • Education

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  • Freedom from exploitation and harm

  • Poverty/Economic justice

  • Housing and environmenal justice

  • Juvenile Justice

  • Immigrant and refugee support

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  • Parental and kinship caregiver support

  • Guardian support

  • Community support systems

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  • Developing the voice of children and youth to advocate for themselves




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If we don't
stand for
children, then we don't stand for much.

Marian Wright Edelman
Founder, Children's Defense Fund

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The Missing

Watch ICM's 2023 Impact Video


Creating a better tomorrow for all children today!

Become an

Join the movement to develop and strengthen your advocacy skills to champion the cause of child well-being in Georgia.

Learn about the issues, needs, and challenges facing children and families in our state, and cultivate meaningful relationships to make a difference!

Become a

Join our movement as a partner and let's work together to identify active and intentional ways for ICM and your organization, faith community, or congregation to work together on behalf of children and families in Georgia.

Partnership is free, but its impact can be life-changing.

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