You know them… devoted teachers, mentors, workers with and for children, visionaries with big ideas and big hearts for the welfare of children.  They are unsung heroes for children.  Unsung. Their gifts of love for children often continue for years without praise.  

February, however, is the perfect months to sing their praises.  The Interfaith Children’s Movement and its advocacy partners encourage faith communities to “do something creative” to recognize those unsung heroes for children in their midst.  

Individuals can also take time to let other people know about the love and gifts of their big-hearted heroes.

It all starts with the Unsung Heroes Recognition Form.  

Whether you use it in a religious setting, or as an individual, fill it out.  Send it to info@ICMGeorgia.org so we can post it on our website and our social media.  THEN post those salutes on your own social media. And be sure the “hero” knows they are unsung no more! Allow them to bask in your praise!


  • Didn't Quit

  • Behind the Scenes

  • Most Inspirational

  • Beloved by Children

  • Intrepid Leader

How to use the Unsung Hero Recognition Form:  

  1. Create a celebration of “unsung heroes” where you worship.  (Remember “unsung” is the key!)

  2. Post their photos, category and “why they are a hero” on your social media. Tag us @interfaithchildrensmovement (Remember to keep your post short!)

Click the button below to download and print the overview flyer to post on bulletin boards or use as a handout.

Click the button below to nominate your Unsung Hero online.

Click the button below to download, print and mail your Unsung Hero Nominee Information.


For February, we have 28 things one can do with a child to celebrate them and bring joy to their lives.   Pick the ones you like best and you can even add your own. 

Some examples:  -  

  • Bend down to a child’s level when you talk to her.  

  • Ask “What are you thinking about?”  and really want to know. 

  • Have a storytelling competition as each of you create a story.      

  • Slip a "you’re strong and smart" note in their lunch box or coat pocket.


Get Deeply Educated.

The impact childhood trauma makes on children is huge.  How to Learn More? Attend an event sponsored by ICM & its partners all around metro Atlanta.